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Building Your Attractiveness

March 13, 2013

One of the key things after the breakup and after you’ve cut off contact with your ex is to Build Your Attractiveness. Doing this starts the process of reigniting attraction to your ex so she can see the remarkable transformation that has taken place with you. In doing so is one of the major ways of how to get your love back after a breakup.

There are a number of exercises in building your attractiveness / reigniting attraction. This means you need to get out and about, get busy, and not lock yourself away indoors at home.  This isn’t how to get your ex back and you most certainly don’t want to show your ex that this is happening and that you’re sad and lonely.

One of the ways to get a girl back is to completely de-stress, easier said than done I know after a breakup but contacting your ex and telling them how sad you are now puts more stress on her and you and doesn’t set the correct mood for a reconciliation. If you want to know what to say to get a girl back then right now it’s nothing at all. Zero. Not until the attractiveness building has been completed.

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